Training of renewable energy sources

To meet the needs of the dynamically developing PV market in Poland, Bruk-Bet Photovoltaic experts conduct training within Polish Photovoltaic Academy.

It is a training offer for photovoltaic installers, installation designers, customer advisors or investors – owners of PV systems.

Polish Photovoltaic Academyalso provides a Knowledge Base in the field of renewable energy with free webinars.  

Why is it worth training with us?

Bruk-Bet® Fotowoltaika is part of the BRUK-BET company, which has been operating in the construction industry for over 37 years. In 2021, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika celebrates its tenth anniversary of the production of PV modules. As a leader in the industry, we can be proud of the trust of customers who focus on the quality and safety of our modules. Our team consists only of qualified experts who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.



We promote good practices!

The main idea behind the Bruk-Bet Photovoltaic brand is broadly understood education, both in the sector of newly established contractors and in the sector of individual clients interested in the subject of photovoltaics. All those who wish to acquire basic qualifications entitling them to install PV installations, as well as expand their knowledge and skills, are invited to our photovoltaic courses and training entitling them to build photovoltaic installations. We offer a photovoltaic course for installers and authorization.

Photovoltaic training – who is it for?

Polish Photovoltaic Academy,

which our experts are part of, offers you a choice of development path:

  • REZ Conscious Investor – free online webinars during which issues related to the selection of components and operation of systems based on photovoltaics, energy storage, heat pumps or EVs are discussed – meetings addressed to home owners or companies;
  • Qualified REZ Installer – training for photovoltaic installers conducted by experienced specialists, where the acquisition of practical skills plays an important role;
  • Specialized REZ Designer of Installations – workshops for designers of photovoltaic installations with a heat pump or energy storage.
  • Professional customer REZ advisor – training for traders, during which issues such as customer service skills, but also technical knowledge and sales arguments are discussed.

We invite you to participate in the next trainings at the Polish Photovoltaic Academy

Certified Photovoltaic Training + SEP

  • Two-day, specialized photovoltaic training in theory and practice – online training with the possibility of participating in practical training in Tarnów;
  • Classes conducted by experienced practitioners;
  • A wide selection of training materials in electronic and written versions;
  • SAOGIET training in the field of installation, operation, maintenance and repair of PV installations – also online;
  • Possibility to take the exam and obtain Group 1 electrical qualifications, categories E and D;
  • Product training conducted by Bruk-Bet PV experts;
  • A visit to the production hall;
  • Training certificate;
  • Meals during (stationary) training.

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