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Perfect Edge Max

Perfect Edge Max


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Perfect Edge Max

Premium photovoltaic modules featuring high performance and efficiency

Product Edge Max series is a line of mono-crystalline modules manufactured in silicon technology, equipped with PERC cells with nine conductive beams (busbars).

In order to increase power of the individual module, products from Power Edge Max series are based on half-cut cells. Application of autonomous cell-cutting station in manufacturing process ensures the best quality. Owing to this, the highest cutting precision is guaranteed.

Product Edge Max products are provided with anti-reflective coating (ARC) on glass pane, which increases light absorption. They are also subjected to triple electroluminescence tests, which aim at detecting possible microcracks of cells.

Solutions implemented in Perfect Edge Max series ensure continuous operation of highest quality PV modules, manufactured by Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika, while increasing power and efficiency of an individual module, which follows global trends in manufacturing photovoltaic modules.

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Dimensions of solar panels

This series features modules with 120 cells and dimensions of 2100 x 1040 x 40 mm.

Power of modules from Perfect Edge series ranges from 445 to 455 W.


  • roof microsystems,
  • land systems,
  • solar farms,
  • building exteriors,
  • carports

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