We invest in technology

In Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika, from the very beginning of our activities, we utilize only recognized and proven technologies. While taking care of precision of workmanship, safety and high efficiency of PV modules, we constantly improve the operation of our production line. As one of few factories in Poland, we offer modules with cells with five conductive beams, which deliver higher efficiency than modules with standard, three conductive beams.

History of photovoltaics

The photoelectric effect, which makes the essence of photovoltaics, was discovered in 1839 by the French scientist Antoine César Becquerel, and more precisely explained by Albert Einstein in 1921. Photovoltaic technology was first used in the 1950s in the space industry. However, it was only in the 80s in the United States in California, when the first photovoltaics power plant with a capacity exceeding 1 MW was established. It took another 20 years for the first solar panels to appear on the buildings. These days, the photovoltaics industry is one of the most dynamically growing sectors of the global economy.

Principles of the photovoltaic effect

Photovoltaic cells, with which photovoltaic modules are constructed, produce direct current under the influence of sunlight. Then, using an inverter, the direct current is converted to alternating current. The current coming out of the inverter has a slightly higher frequency, which is why it is consumed in the first place by appliances in the household or in the company. Overcurrent, which we are not able to use at the moment, is sent back to the grid through a two-way counter.

Easy installation

Mounting of a solar installation does not involve any additional modification of electrical installations, cables or sockets.


The components of the photovoltaic system are:

  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Inverter
  • Mounting system
  • Wiring
  • Two-way counter
25 years
of power warranty
19,7 %
record-breaking efficiency
55 MM
at 122KM/H resistance to hail
8000 PA
of maximum load