Investments in technology


In Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika, from the very beginning of our activities, we utilise only recognised and proven technologies, thereby caring for precision of design, safety, and high performance of PV modules. We are constantly streamlining operation of our production line. Another step in this direction was launching the line with standalone laser-cutting station, based on multibusbar technology with full and half-cut PV modules.

While considering changing market trends, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika offers premium modules that feature high output and efficiency. We owe increased power of the individual module to applications of half-cut cells.

In the production process we use the autonomous cell-cutting station, which guarantees the highest precision of cutting in thermal, stressless process.

Use of best technologies makes for the warranty of quality for our customers and compliance with global trends.


Our way to modern technology


  • 2011 – Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika brand is established and commissioning of the production plant of photovoltaic panels


  • 2016 – Increase in capacity of the line based on technological solutions from Meyer Burger, which equipped us with state-of-the-art production machines – stringers and laminators


  • 2021 – Commissioning of the production line with multibusbar technology used for production of full and half-cut PV cells, featuring laser-cutting station



25-30 years
of power warranty
20,5 %
of peak efficiency
55 MM
at resistance to hail up to 122 KM/H
8100 PA
of maximum load