Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika, a Polish producer of photovoltaic modules, has increased its production capacity four times in its production plant in Tarnów, from 30 MW to 120 MW per year. By investing in a new production line, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika is gradually increasing its expansion in Poland and Europe.

At the end of 2016, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika, a brand of Bruk-Bet Ltd., which has been established in the construction industry as a producer of paving stones, cellular concrete and sewage systems for 30 years, has started modernizing the technology park of the production of PV modules at its plant in Tarnów, southern Poland. The company has selected the Swiss manufacturer of photovoltaic equipment – Meyer Burger. The new line will manufacture standard and glass-glass modules with PERC cells.

The Polish investor bought the Matrix Assembly System MAS3.8 from the Swiss manufacturer with two STR2000 stringers and the NG3622 XLCP laminator. Thanks to the new stringers rom Meyer Burger, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika can produce modules with 4 and 5 busbars, which, in addition to increased production capacity, ensures the flexibility of production.

“In this industry you have to constantly evolve and invest in new technologies. If not, it is difficult to maintain the innovation and competitiveness of the product. Four and five busbars will allow us to create even more efficient photovoltaic modules. The current standard of three busbars has already gone to the past, “said Paweł Bień, managing director of Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika.

In addition to investing in new machinery, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika has devoted much of its attention and effort towards obtaining the broadest portfolio of certificates for its products. Since March, Polish company have been able to produce photovoltaic modules with 12, 18, 24, 36, 60 and 72 polycrystalline silicon cells, ranging in power from 45Wp to 340Wp. In the case of monocrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, the company may produce modules with the same number of cells as  already mentioned polycrystalline technology, however, the power range of the monocrystalline modules is from 45Wp to 385Wp.

“Our modules, as one of the few in Europe, have a mechanical load certification of up to 8,000 Pa, and in the next few months we should be certified to 10,000 Pa. Except that, we also have certificates for PID, LID, ammonia and salt mist. This confirms, that we produce robust and durable photovoltaic modules, “said Paweł Banuch, director of production at Polish company.

An important element in the production of photovoltaic modules is the use of suitable materials, so Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika acquires them from reliable and well-known suppliers. The materials used to produce the Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika photovoltaic panels are tested to the highest quality standards.

“We use wide variety of optical testers in our production process. Cells are being tested even before we put them into the stringers, and additionally within the stringers, we have two high resolution cameras. One for testing single cells and second for testing connected string of cells “String Vision System”. Before lamination we do again EL testing of the whole cell matrix. At the end of production process we perform flash test twice, and one of them is A+A+A+ high quality sun simulator form Endeas”, said Paweł Banuch.

Except traditional modules, Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika is producing BIPV modules in innovative glass-glass technology, to meet the expectations of the dynamically developing market of energy-efficient and passive architecture. In addition to the excellent performance properties, the Bruk-Bet Fotowoltaika’s BIPV modules enrich the architectural space through a modern, durable and active construction surfaces.

“The new production line allows us to improve the quality and competitiveness of our products on the Polish and European market. Thanks to the investment, we have become the largest Polish company producing photovoltaic modules on the domestic market, “said Edyta Witkowska-Grześkiewicz, representative of the management board of the Bruk-Bet Group.


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